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Sign up for the class action lawsuit!!! WE need to put this company out of business or make them change their business practices.

Run don't walk away from this company also email the ceo of AVIS and Budget parent companies of the ripoff company Payless Car Rental.

CEO Mr Ronald L. NelsonCEO 973-496-4700

Facebook, Twitter, etc post your complaints everywhere even on Avis and Budget so we can get their attention to stop this madness.

When an employee tells me that they add unauthorized charges on your card so they can make more in commissions and after reading posts of such I will have to agree. Point of reference and I believe one way they try to get you. I stated I wanted no insurance but she didn't circle where I said decline and wanted me to initial the box what do you bet they would have tried to make me pay for insurance.

This company is the worse and if I would have read the reviews before renting with this company I would have never rented a car from them.

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I just found this group.. after googling class action lawsuits against Payless car rental...

here’s my story... My dad, boyfriend and I went to Las Vegas in March 2018.. paid for a rental car to travel to Arizona.. on my dads credit card.

The car had dings and scratches and the window was broke etc. we notified the lady in the garage of the damage.. after being told to hit the key fob to find our car.. wasn’t even brought to us..

she told us to take pictures of the damage so that we wouldn’t be charged for it.. we returned the car on time.. the guy came out w his little check list.. and sent us on our way...

Fast forward to May 2018... my dad gets a letter in the mail stating that he was going to be charged on May 28 2018 a total of $394 for a broken mirror... $394 for a mirror?!?! And almost 3 months after the car was returned w no new damage...

I called numerous times.. got the run around of course.. opened a ticket.. was told to email the pictures to this certain email address which I did..

contacted the company again.. got some guy who assured me that the money would not be taken off of my dads card ( my dad is 73 years old and can not afford $394 for bogus charges) if the money was taken off on May 28 I was to call and it would be refunded.. may 28 came n went w no charges... Fast forward to July 2018 (4-5 months after the return of the car) My dad gets his credit card statement in the mail..

$394 charged from Payless Car Rental... I tried n tried to call and email and threaten w the bbb and my lawyer.. to no avail.. they took it out 2weeks b4 the credit card payment was due..

this ordeal added so much undue stress to my dads life.. amongst other life stresses.. that 2 weeks ago my dad took his own life.. I contacted the company by email the day after my dads death and let them know that partly bc of their screw up my dad committed suicide..

the very next day I got an email stating that they were reversing the charges “ for damages to their car” It’s a little too late.. you can reverse it n put money back on his card.. but they can’t reverse what happened to my family...

and I want justice... Please don’t let this happen to any other family..

@Pamela Garvey

I feel for you and so sorry for your loss! I have been dealing with the rage from being charged unfairly from this company. It is amazing to me that they have gotten away with this!


I think this company should be shut down PAYLESS is a ripoff

They take advantage of visitor's I have seen for myself you book cheap

and get ripped off at the counter



That post is from 1/15 and not sure if the class action lawsuit gained any traction. I am contacting lawyers and would like to include contact information for anyone else who was a victim of Payless Car Rental's fraudulent and deceptive business practices.


I am a victim. I am super angry I paid 800 for a car rental and then they charged me an additional 500.

They keep lying and giving me the run around.

My contact information is Allyiah Williams and phone is 219 213 5191. Please contact me, I want to be apart of the class action suit.


This is Mark they hit me with $145 for something when I try to get ahold of someone they tell me that the will look into it and get back to me but never do this was on 8/17/2018 my email address is damonspapaw@gmail Com


Yes, I would very much like to be part of a class action lawsuit against Payless.


That lawsuit is from 1/15 and not sure it gained traction. I am personally contacting attorneys and would like to include contact information for anyone else who has been a victim of their fraud & deception