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Payless is dishonest. They charged my credit card $86.93 for a $66.15 rental.

I told the agent I did NOT want their road side assistance but he charged me anyway. My final bill was $66.15 but they charged my credit card $86.93. They are crooks and I will never rent from them again. They should be put out of business for deceptive practices that they encourage their agents to do and condone.

They have a manager walking back and forth behind their agents to make sure that you are cheated in every way possible. They pretend to be pleasant until you decline their extra charge items.

They then act belligerent and *** as if that will make you buy unwanted extras. They should be put out of business.

Review about: Payless Car Rental Car Rental.

Monetary Loss: $22.

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I rented a car through Travelocity and picked Payless because they had the cheapest rates. I was the only driver.

When we went to the airport in Albuquerque New Mexico to pick up the car, we were asked about purchasing additional insurance. I explained that we have plenty of insurance and also utilizing our credit cards we have insurance coverage for car-rental that we are double covered. No need to purchase their insurance.

When we get out to the car lot to be given the car we noticed on the contract they had charged us for road service assistance @ 3.99 PER DAY. insurance. I asked the car lot attendant about this and told her we had declined taking any insurance. She told me they put it on EVERYBODY whether they ask or not because they figured people would want it. That is Outrageous!

They just added it anyway, even though We said we had full coverage thru our Primary insurance carrier and the credit card we were using.

She told me it is to cover other damages like flat tires, gas, towing, roadside assistance etc.

I said that's not right take it off I have coverage! It was an additional $3.95 per day.

That particular problem was taken care of before we pulled the car out of the lot after thoroughly inspecting the vehicle we had the car for two days. (We are faxing our copy of the inspection prior and you can see that we were careful to mark any damages prior…….we are just as careful to stay with the car for delivery and release by lot agent.

It is not our responsibility for a car that is out of our control after it is dropped off and given possession to the car rental company. We do not know what took place after dropping the car off or if the lot attendant or car wash caused damage.

Everything went smoothly we then returned the car with a full tank of gas and showed the lot attendant a receipt as proof. We were given the okay to go and we took the shuttle to the airport.

The car rental was Albuquerque airport May 10 through May 12. We had plenty of time for out flight 2 hours before we left. There was no rush on our part.

The incident report states THEY missed it during the return rush. Maybe the rush on their part after we dropped the car off was damaged by their employees. Also they were not too care full to write the proper phone number down or look on the original copy of the rental agreement for the proper number for me.

My wife was with on the trip and we were never told there was a problem with the car we dropped it off and it was in excellent condition there were no problems or damages to the vehicle.

A lot attendant looked it over and told us they would keep the charges for rental on the credit card on file and directed us to shuttle.

This is where I am now writing to you about the complaint.

Yesterday, three months later, I received a bill for an incident report. Payless wants to charge me an additional $224.80.

They mail me an incident report that went to your San Antonio subrogation management team. It states that customer brought the car back and the inspection missed a crack on the windshield.

I can tell you for sure there was No damage or crack on the windshield. Payless had the car window repaired by Safelight Repair. Payless then charged us $160 for physical damage $14.80 for loss of use $50 administration fee for a whopping $224.80.

They also indicated they tried to get a hold of us but they said they had the wrong phone number on file. That is a lie! The rental agreement clearly states a perfectly good phone number. I am a doctor and we travel extensively and use Travelocity for almost all of our reservations.

I have a cell phone number with me so patients can get a hold of me 24/7 if needed. No way did they ever try to get a hold of me on the proveded phone number.

Now if you go to the Internet and Google Payless car rental complaints there are 103 complaints about the exact same stuff that I just got billed for with Consumer Affairs Division. Also Yelp people are complaining about Payless having very low fees on the Internet enticing you to rent their car and then they get you for all kinds of damages later. More complaints are also filed on a web site called Pissed Consumer Report. So I decided to blog this out as a warning to others.

I understand there have been numerous complaints on the same matters with the Attorney General in AZ where they paid out fines for deceptive practice. I called the Attorney General in New Mexico consumer affair Division, they also have complaints on the Albuquerque Payless Car Rental.

I believe this is a scam and very fraudulent and deceptive consumer practice.

I have contacted consumer relations with Travelocity as well, since they partner with Payless Car rental and I have reported this problem to date Travelocity did not help...they referred me back to the car rental company. If you look at Travelocity web site....Payless is usually the cheapest by a few dollars....luring us in for the insurance and damage scam.

Presently I am awaiting a response from Payless Car Rental Subrogation team.

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