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Payless Car Rental (Payless) deserves an 'F' grade as far as I'm concerned. Let me be clear: I am not someone who takes the time to write reviews very often; however, Payless' conduct has been so egregious that I had to work the crafting of this review into my busy schedule. Also, this is NOT defamation; I have time-date stamped photos, message-board conversation, and three witnesses; all of which can verify the details of this submission. Finally, Payless was pre-warned of this review's pending publication and was given an opportunity to defend its behaviour (an opportunity that has yet to be utilized).

The review:

I rented a car from Payless in Las Vegas for six days this past September. The company's agent refused to complete a condition report at the outset-- so I took my own photos instead. Then the agent implied that the vehicle was fine when I returned it on September 13. Forty-six days later(!) Payless wrote a letter addressed to me which contained an accusation that I had caused damage to one of the vehicle's tail lamps during the rental period (said damage is clearly visible in my photos which were taken minutes before I ever put the vehicle in "drive"). Payless then charged my Visa credit card $437.38 USD without my permission (presumably they were able to do this because of some unread contract clause-- not unlike if a hotel were to later charge someone for damage inflicted to one of its rooms or property-- although Visa reversed the charge when I disputed it as being unauthorized later).

As a result of a local postal strike I did not receive Payless' letter until November 8, which is the same day Payless received a heated reaction from me. Following the conversation a member of their staff created an online service ticket designed to handle the dispute; then from November 9 to November 28 I spent precious life-hours going back and forth with The Payless Customer Service Lead (The Lead).

The Lead's first message to me stated: "...it has been determined that this incident was the driver’s responsibility..." and "...Because this is a renter responsibility situation, the charges have been deemed to be valid and a refund is not warranted..." It was DETERMINED? HOW?! When pressed to reveal the proof that I had inflicted the damage, The Lead dodged the demand and asked me to defend myself by submitting the non-existent condition report. When pressed again she stated that "We have forwarded your information to the location for further review." When given a deadline and threatened with negative reviews she continued to offer no proof but did offer to refund 50% of my $437.38 USD. Finally, when given a deadline and threatened with possible legal action she finally conceded that there is "no documentation on their side." Payless promptly refunded my money and stated: "We apologize for any difficulties you may have experienced during your rental. We hope you continue to choose Payless Car Rental as your rental car company of choice."

"NO DOCUMENTATION ON THEIR SIDE" ever existed... and yet I was subjected to a lengthy and stressful process.

Payless Car Rental: F

Product or Service Mentioned: Payless Car Rental Car Rental.

Reason of review: Egregious conduct.

Preferred solution: Change your business practices.

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