Delta, British Columbia

After renting a vehicle from Payless at the Toronto airport location, my credit card was charged over $600 for pre-existing damages to the vehicle.

A trumped up invoice from a company called Les Automobiles Autowise was sent to me claiming materials and 5 hours of labour for supposed repairs to the passenger side door. The vehicle was already damaged in so many areas when I rented it that it became immediately obvious that this is a scam and no actual repairs are ever made. The repair company and Payless share the same business address!

And an internet search revealed previous complaints against Les Automobiles Autowise in Ontario and Quebec.

Luckily, my credit card insurance will cover these costs, but let this be a warning to ALL to never use Payless Car Rental!!

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Anonymous said that the vehicle had "pre-existing" damages. To the rest of the world that means "BEFORE" he rented it.

You sound like someone working for Payless customer no service. Your a dingbat!


That's great that your credit card provides you with rental car coverage. That's great for looking into that, and very lucky.

While $600 may seem like a lot, I can tell you from experience, that this amount would cover only a scratch or minor damage.

Also, your dispute seems a little off, as you claim the door was already damaged, not that you hadn't damaged it. Anyway, worked out well with the insurance!