If you are interested in being part of a class action suit against Payless for their fraudulent practices please contact:

W. Jay Itote


In a time when the working class is trying its best to reclaim loses created by banks, and other corporation during the Great Recession this business can and should not be allowed to stay in business! The only way for us to see justice done is by seeking it ourselves.

This company needs to be STOPPED!

Your loses can be reclaimed!!

Thank you

PS. Take the time now because others need to know about this company. Happy New Year 2015

Product or Service Mentioned: Payless Car Rental Car Rental.

Reason of review: Corporate Fraud .

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Very interested in joining a class action lawsuit against Payless car rental! I’m presently dealing with being overcharged for a rental I picked up in ATL!

I was quoted one price online and picked up the exact vechicle I reserved! I was charged for an upgrade numerous other things that weren’t listed on the online agreement, insurance which I declined, fuel which I returned ful and it states left on 8/8 returned on 8/8 (which clearly indicates it was returned full).

All correspondence is done via email and they outright refuse to refund any money. Biggest scam artist around!

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1346663

I book a on line through AARP book a car. Went to Atl airport on July 3 2017.

When entering in line a clerk ask out loud bring attention to every as I was a thief.I told him I had reserve a car show my credit card +DL.number to him. He stated we can not take this you after have bill from your .house.

I have been renting car over 20 year. I fee very disrespected as a black .I am 63 years old never have treat like this.a class action law need to file

Bloomingdale, Illinois, United States #1179667

I reserved and rented a car through Payless in May in Las Vegas. The reservation amount was for $409.28.

After waiting in line for almost an hour, I was very clear that I did not need or want any Insurance coverage on the rental as I carry plenty of insurance to cover any accident i may have. The Rental Agent acknowledged my request and told me to initial that i did not want the coverage though she did not provide me a copy of the agreement.

When I received my credit card statement i had been charged $826.06. An Over Charge of $416.78. I contacted Payless and was told that they would open a customer service ticket and email me.

This didn't happen. I called again and received no help again. I went on line and Entered a complaint and opened a ticket. Only to be told that what the agent had actually done was have me sign that i was authorizing the additional insurance coverage and they promptly closed my ticket.

I responded back and then called and requested to speak with a Customer Service agent and was told that they did not speak to the customers directly.

T the only way i could communicate with the customer service department was via Messages on the ticket.

Houston, Texas, United States #1176380

I agree. I reserved a car with them last year and my flight as delayedby the time I got to the reservation desk they were closed.

I had to get a car from another car rental company.

I called Payless to see what could be done but they would not give me a refund. I've been wanting to press charges against them or see if a class action law suit is in effect.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #1176128

I'd like to join. Just got scammed out of $157. Turner1689@hotmail.com please contact me.

Niles, Michigan, United States #1172944

I Am interested in this lawsuit I was scammed about a month ago. xtralucky1@aol.com Steve Baxter


Legal action is underway...


Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #1169001

Legal action is underway...


Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #1169000

Legal action is underway....


Durham, North Carolina, United States #1167365

I am looking to sue Payless Car Rental - I have filed complaints with State and Federal agencies. Is there currently a class action lawsuit underway?


I am interested sign me up!

Ontario, California, United States #1154207

This company has unethical practices. Their customer service reps are liars and dishonest beyond belief withholding important information.

They charged me a ridiculous amount that does not add up to what they said. I truly believe this company is cheating people intentionally. Their customer service does not solve dispute but find ways to lie even more.

Let'sget our refund, because someone need to do the right thing.


I have a video of a Payless agent explicitly lying and saying the additional charges they tried to sneak in are just "government taxes and fees". After reading the negative reviews, I made sure to record the entire transaction. If you are still doing this, let me know since I have concrete proof of the bait and switch.

to Anonymous #1168998

this group is taking legal action against them



I cannot believe a class action lawsuit had not been filed against this company! I know this post was from over a year ago, but they are STILL ripping customers off left and right.

to Anonymous Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #1168999

Legal action is underway....


to Anonymous #1169019

Legal action is underway. You can join here:



Payless WOW-We reserved/booked and paid for a 3 day rental on line for Las Vegas @ $53 total. They charged the card for this booking.

Had the car for 12 hrs and turned it back in. Payless charged the card another $107.

How they turned a $53 3 day rental into $160 for 12 hrs is unbelievable. Someone should do jail time for the outright fraud.


This company needs to be stopped. we must all join together.!!

Dallas, Texas, United States #995608

I just had a bad experience with Payless Car rental and thought I would post the answer to the question for others. There is no need to list your spouse on a car rental contract in Nevada!

The Nevada state law (NRS 482.315150) makes spouse "Authorized drivers" by definition on all car rental contracts as long as they have a license and meet the age requirement, yet Payless tried to rip me off by charging an additional driver fee.

How many have they ripped of with this bogus fee! I canceled the contract and rented with Enterprise, but I am certain many others paid the fee unnecessarily.

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