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My name is Bruce/Cindy Kim We went to Las Vegas for business & Family vacation for 5 days, Jan 7 to Jan 11. Payless car rental co. charged to us $608.24.

originally we made reservation for mini van $23.19 per day total $164.30.

unlimited mileage with Expedia.

Cindy doesn't like this van to drive around the city then we made changed to cherokee jeep.We understand that the Cherokee jeep was higher rate.

But $608.24 was so ridiculous. and the lady at the counter was not friendly at all. I didn't want to argue

the woman. We appreciate very much if we get Expedia's discount.

Truly yous Bruce/Cindy.

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I rented from Payless in Denver and was sold insurance and roadside service without my authorization...the clerk asked if I wanted both and I said "no" as I have AAA and insurance coverage. She checked the boxes to be initialed and off I went.

It wasn't until I returned the car and saw the charges. I spoke with the attendant and he did not believe that I did not notice it sooner and his supervisor Fernando said that I initialed the boxes so I am responsible of the additional $114.90! I initialled the Collision Damage Waiver - this means you are accepting their coverages!!!!!

NO WAIVING IT ACCEPTING IT! BEWARE OF PAYLESS CAR and their deceptive practices.


Dear Brucekimsumac,

It seems that some other items may have been added, such as insurance, which is not refundable, besides your upgrade. You should have them explain the bill to you in detail.

If you did misunderstand, and you purchased insurance, please just ask them for a small refund. Best of luck!

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