Bait and switch scammers! Beware!

Worse than used car salesman. I prepaid for an SUV on the payless website, because my kids and I were going up to lake tahoe to ski (cost was $660 instead of $830 for 6 days if i prepaid in advance so of course I prepaid) and i wanted a safe vehicle in the snow and ice. Cost of SUV was 5xs the cost of regular full size sedan. When i went to pick up car, the guy at the Payless counter said that there were no four-wheel-drive SUVs available unless I was willing to pay an additional $150 per day (!!!) for an upgrade.

He said that there were no guarantees that I would get a four-wheel-drive when I rented the SUV online and that he could only give me a 2 Wheel, rear wheel drive SUV for the price I paid. When I refused to pay the additional $150 per day, he said he would call his manager to find out "what he could do for us". He walked away to "Call his manager" and then came back and told us that his manager did not answer the telephone, but he could do us a favor and give us the four-wheel-drive SUV for only an additional $25.99 per day. At that point, I knew he was trying to scam me so I refuse to pay a penny more and just asked for SUV that I had rented, even if it was a 2 Wheel Dr., rear wheel drive SUV.

He proceeded to tell me that a big snowstorm was coming in and that we may not even be able to drive up the pass with a 2 Wheel Dr. SUV. Again, I told him to just give me the car that I paid for. Then he said that if we got stuck in the snow, it would cost a lot of money for roadside assistance.

Again i told him to just give me the SUV i paid for, even if it was a rear 2WD. I would rather pay for chains at the Costco a few blocks away then to give this scammer a penny more of my money. After I signed all of the paperwork, he told me that he was giving me the four-wheel-drive SUV at no extra charge. I doubt there was a 2 wheel, rear wheel drive SUV to begin with.

Roads were clear and dry during our entire trip and no sign of snowstorm. What Payless is doing ought to be considered fraud and illegal. I felt dirty after dealing with them.

I only wished I had videotaped this guy's BS with my cell phone. May be the next customer payless tries to scam will be smart enough to do so.

Product or Service Mentioned: Payless Car Rental Car Rental.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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