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I rented a car from Payless Car Rental Las Vegas in March 2008. I returned the car undamaged but a month later was sent a damage claim for $770.00.

No one with in Payless could describe the damages and the paint color didn't match my rental. I escalated my dispute to Las Vegas Payless Manager Robert Dau who was too incompetent to even investigate the issue despite the obvious discrepencies. I was finally able to completely prove that the damaged car wasn't even the same make and model as my rental. I escalated my dispute to VP Kathy Johnson who immediately dismissed the claim once she reviewed the evidence.

However she issued no apology or explanation despite the fact that the evidence clearly shows that this was an intentionally falsified claim between someone within Payless and the auto body repair shop.

Payless Car Rental Las Vegas has far more complaints before the Better Business Bureau than its competitors. I welcome replies from anyone with similar trouble from Payless Las Vegas

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umm anonymous you probably work for payless. A claim can be falsified wtf are you talking about.

Since they don´t go through insurance companies , adjustors, and all that stuff they basically go through their own body shops getting false estimates to justify charging someones credit card and keeping deposits.

So when you come to comment , come with some facts not a bunch of bull. Second off Payless Car rental is a chain of franchises, so the owner makes money off false claims, get your facts straight.


Dear anonymous and Jake,

I highly doubt anyone would falsify a claim just to get your money. No one makes any money on this at Payless and most vehicles are under warranty at the dealer, so the repair shop usually does not get paid either.

My best suggestion would be to request pictures of the damage, as this is required for all insurance claims.

You can, in turn submit evidence that you were not in that vehicle of the damage did not exist prior. Bottom line, is that I believe the vehicle was damaged, however, with rental car companies, it is often difficult to determine where it came from.


I rented a car from Alamo in Las Vegas in early Aug of 2008. Like you, I returned the car back with no damage.

Now there is a claim. Do you have a sample letter you can post or have any advice on how I should dispute this?