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My wife and I got a car while my car is going into the shop. The amount on the reservation was $150 and we were getting charged $300.

On top of that, I was forced to "upgrade" to a car that barely ran and was dented up with scuffs everywhere. We took it back within about 4 hours saying that we wanted a replacement and that we also thought we were being overcharged. We were talking to the "supervisor" (Julio, we can't seem to get a full name from anyone, but apparently he's had these sort of problems dating back to 2015. I'm shocked he's still employed) and he was unsympathetic and rude.

I saw him earlier in the day dealing with a customer who was upset specifically at him. He gave the guy a false name for a supervisor and went on his way. We asked to get what we were told on our reservation and he said we would now be charged $217. We weren't happy and asked how much canceling would cost.

He said $100. We basically told him that we never asked for an upgrade, and we shouldn't be expected to pay $60 for 4 hours of use. And because we didn't think the $100 was worth it, we would just take the car. As I was getting us into the car, I told him that I could understand why the guy from earlier in the day was so upset.

He immediately escalated the situation by saying things like, "why don't you come over here and say that to my face". My wife and I decided that that was enough and we wanted to cancel. As we were canceling, we were verbally abused by the supervisor and the 4 others around him. We mentioned they were poorly representing there company and I tossed the paper.

Supervisor came out of the booth and the others were rushing at me and my wife acting like they were going to do something. 2 guys were holding the supervisor back and one guy was in my face. We are now trying to take it to the highest form of management possible and urging everyone we know to never consider them. However, any time we try to even confirm our reservation was cancelled, or that he would like to speak with a manager about the issue, they act like there isn't anyone higher than themselves to talk to.

I even got in the phone with another supervisor the next day and tried to explain the situation. She said she was sorry and needed to put me on hold so that she could document it properly. 2 seconds later, I was hung up on.

I called back and they directed me to a voicemail. Stay away, far far away.

Product or Service Mentioned: Payless Car Rental Car Rental.

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