Took 50 minutes to help one family in front of us rent a car. Then 15 minutes for them to look up my reservation and let me pay. Slow, and rude, they couldn't have worked slower if they tried and made it clear that they didn't care about the customer. Just as we...
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San Diego Airport treated me so poorly I was appaulled that they tried to down grade my reservation and play it of a an equivelant our right lied that an AVEO WAS AN INTERMEDIATE equal to an Elantra and then tell me I was a liar and they took up half s day of my...
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I went on a much needed vacation to see my military daughter first time in 2 plus years. At the San Diego Airport I went to pick up my rental and waited 35 min> after another rep came to help I was then given a car that was told to me was the equivalent to the one I...
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I liked
  • Price
I didn't like
  • Dishonest way of conducting business
  • Terrible customer service
  • Payless car rental service and quality
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I booked a reservation with Payless for June 10th in Chicago ORD. The weather was bad with storms. I arrived at 11:00 PM, and Payless was closed, even though thy advertise as being open 24 hours a day. The recorded message, I received when I called said that the...
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Payless Car Rental - Be aware before you rent

May 11 I cancelled my rental never picked up the car or anything just decided not to rent from them it is now june 1 still have not received my funds.Customer service reps tell you anything just to get you off the ph. Tried to reach manager Alex the customer service rep said he was out and hung up. Terrible customer service and the reps
Additional Fees
Additional Services
Billing Practices
Customer service
Discounts and Special Offers
Diversity of Products or Services
Insurance Quality
Price Affordability
Product or Service Quality
Value for money
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Payless Car Rental - Payless unreliability

They overcharged me by $100. Will not give me a person to speak to. Will not answer questions in person. Can’t get Atlanta Payless to answer. Has a broken recording. I NEED HELP!!!!!!!! Janis Wardlaw
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Do NOT rent from Payless they like ripping costumers off they add extra fees intentionally. The Oakland ca location is horrible they always just have one worker working the register. People who have reservations still have to wait it’s ridiculous. I ran to my car on a...
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I made my reservation online in March 2018. When I arrived to pick up the car at the airport, Payless informed me of all the added fees. Not much that I could do at that point because I needed the car. Payless is now trying to charge me for a parking ticket that I just...
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I was pretty sure it was Payless that I rented a car from in Vegas in 2017.After reading the reviews I’m sure of it..Waited over an hour for a car and then they gave us one th...

I didn't like
  • Forcing insurance on me
  • False advertising
  • Unauthorized upcharges
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Payless Car Rental - Deplorable customer service

Counter rep at the Richmond Int’l Airport refused to honor confirmed price booked through Expedia and was extremely rude, insulting and dishonest. Canceled the transaction. Went to Alamo and had a great experience.
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Payless Car Rental
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(800) 729-5377
Louis gave me a very hard time about my drivers license. In Illinois the sos issues a paper license after renewal then mails a card later. I did not have card. I had paper with all current info and old card. He made a big deal, asking his co workers if he should...
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