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San Diego Airport treated me so poorly I was appaulled that they tried to down grade my reservation and play it of a an equivelant our right lied that an AVEO WAS AN INTERMEDIATE equal to an Elantra and then tell me I was a liar and they took up half s day of my vacation as I returned the car to get one that I should have then refused to allow me to return it a couple hours late bc if the time it took me to fix their dishonesty in the tediculius car they gave me .It had physically roll down windows and door locks and did not seat 5 only 4 . I had a torn rotator cuff and bone spurs was in a sling and could not operate these manual things .upin return an Elantra had been returned and they traded it over I was not told sorry or thank you at all waited 35 min in line to rent and let SW Airlines know that in apauled theybare part of the Raoud Rewards program .

I still have not received my points from Payless either . I hope they drop them .

It’s an embarrassment the way they spoke to me and I was a female alone , brown skin color and over 50 . Non argumentative so just took it , till I felt taken advantage of and treated very badly

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